About Us

Redeemer School: Since 1957, a Redwood City institution offering a Christian-based education. 

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Redeemer School stands as an educational institution firmly grounded in its core values, which shape every facet of our community. We are Hopeful, driven by the belief that enormous potential lies within each student and that through dedication and support, remarkable achievements are attainable. Our commitment to cultivating a Joyful spirit infuses our classrooms and interactions, fostering an atmosphere of enthusiasm, positivity, and genuine happiness that radiates throughout our campus.


Central to our ethos is being Gracious, embodying a culture of understanding, empathy, and forgiveness that allows individuals to learn, grow, and thrive in an environment free from judgment. Our commitment to being Welcoming transforms our school into more than just a place of education; it becomes a warm, inclusive haven where every student finds a sense of belonging and unconditional acceptance. Lastly, being Rooted in both tradition and innovation propels us forward. Drawing wisdom from our past while casting a visionary gaze into the future, we ensure that our students are well-equipped to navigate the complexities of an evolving world, armed with timeless values and cutting-edge insights.


175 Students Transitional Kindergarten to 8th Grade

11:1 Ratio of Students to Teaching Faculty (175:16?)

100% 2023 Acceptance to High School of Choice

An inclusive school community is important to us


The Bible emphasizes the intrinsic worth of every individual, affirming that all people are created in the image of God. This foundational truth highlights the inherent value of diversity and underscores the importance of treating all individuals with dignity and respect. Jesus’ teachings further emphasize compassion, kindness, and inclusivity, showcasing his unwavering commitment to embracing those from all walks of life. 


At Redeemer, these Biblical principles form the cornerstone of our core values. We believe that by actively fostering a loving, diverse and inclusive community, we embody Christ’s teachings in real and tangible ways. Just as Jesus demonstrated love without bias, we seek to create an environment where everyone feels valued, heard, and celebrated for their unique qualities. Our commitment to diversity reflects God’s creative design for humanity.



Our Mission

You are Loved and Sent.

“You are loved more than you can imagine and sent with more purpose than you dare believe.”

At Redeemer, our mission is to help every child find their identity and purpose through their relationship with Jesus.  

Our Vision

Students who can go anywhere and do anything, with excellence and love.

Educational Purpose and Philosophy 

Redeemer is a loving Christian community focusing on developing children of character, intellect, and faith.



Michael Mancini

Head of School

Anjanette Lundell

Principal of Curriculum & Learning

Mele Gellner-Hutton

Principal of Strategy & Operations

Amanda Williams


Amanda Mortiboys


Kathy Perazzo


Noelle Madden

1st Grade

Sarah Bishop

2nd Grade

Denise Maier

3rd Grade

Gina Wilson

4th Grade

Emma Neuling

5th Grade

Stephanie Cur

6th Grade Homeroom

LaRayne Carbonneau

7th Grade Homeroom

Melissa Davis

8th Grade Homeroom

Adam Wright

Physical Education / Athletic Dir

Wendy Zimmer

Admin. Asst.

Redeemer Parent Association


Redeemer Parent Association

 The Redeemer Parent Association plays a vital role in fostering a strong sense of community among parents, students, and faculty. By participating in community-building volunteer efforts and activities organized by the association, parents not only contribute to the school’s vibrant atmosphere but also form meaningful connections, creating a supportive network that enhances the overall educational experience for their children and fellow community members.

Redeemer Parent Association Mission

The Redeemer Parent Association’s mission is to build, grow, and support a “loved and sent” mindset throughout our entire school community including parents, students, staff, church, and faculty.

Redeemer Parent Association


For nearly 70 years, children and their families have experienced the joy and love of Redeemer School’s culture through our annual events and traditions. 

Friday Chapel
Back to School Bash 
Beach Day
Hispanic Heritage
Asian and Pacific Island Heritage 
Black History Month Celebration
Thanksgiving Lunch
Spirit Week
12 days of Giving
Mothers’ Christmas night
Eighth Grade Graduation 
Middle School Dances and Fun Nights



Over the years of their education, Redeemer students grow in their character, intellect and faith. They are effective communicators, care deeply for their community, and have meaningful, connected relationships with their teachers and peers. Redeemer students are well prepared for the next stage of their lives.

Upon graduation, Redeemer students join the hundreds-strong Redeemer Alumni Association. They see them in the halls of their high schools and continue lifelong relationships. Thus, our alumni are an integral part of our vibrant Redeemer family and community.